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Since the main promoter NeRuDO, a pioneer FI-NGO then licensed from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), already had 22 branches in five operating districts (Kathmandu, Makwanpur, Bara, Parsa and Kavrepalanchowk) the RULBSL has further established 63 more branches covering Nuwakot, Dhading, Sindhuli, Mahottari, Dhanusa, Rauthat, Sarlahi, Saptari, Sunsari, Morang , Jhapa, Chitwan, Nawalparasi (West), kapilvastu, Rupandehi, Dang, Banke, Bardia, Surkhet, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Pyuthan, Tanahu & Gorkha districts covering east to Far west in all of the seven provinces. Eventually RULBSL will be expanded in all of the 77 districts within within short span of time. RULBSL will open new branches within different districts on requirement basis. The population, level of poverty, likelihood of economic activities resulting in hiking living standard of rural poor, presence of units of banks and financial institutions etc. will be guiding factors for establishing new branches. If it is likely to result in improvement of the delivery capability of RULBSL allowing for a greater range of financing services, and lower costs to the deprived  population.

Branch Details

Province -1

1 Haldibari Branch Hima Devi Bhattarai Branch Manager haldibari.rulbsl@gmail.com 9852682039/9842494480
2 Charaali Branch Sumit Sapkota Branch Manager charaali.rulbsl@gmail.com 023-460115/9862657573
3 Padajungi Branch Pancham Kumar RajBanshi Branch Manager padajungi.rulbsl@gmail.com 023-580902/9845298804
4 Pathari Branch Prashuram Dhami Khawash Branch Manager pathari.rulbsl@gmail.com 021-556121/9845230582
5 Sauntha Branch Bed Bahadur Karki Branch Manager sauntha.rulbsl@gmail.com 9842395835
6 Laukahi Branch Ramprakash Yadab Branch Manager laukahi.rulbsl@gmail.com 025-401090/9842999699
7 Haraincha Branch Ajay Chaudhary Branch Manager haraincha.rulbsl@gmail.com 021-401050/9842999699
8 Katahari Branch Mahadev Kumar Majhi Branch Manager katahari.rulbsl@gmail.com 021-404098/9840687035
9 Tankisinuwari Branch Bijay Kumar Yadav Branch Manager tankisinuwari.rulbsl@gmail.com 021-420262/9862180983
10 Jhumka Branch Monisha Ale Branch Manager jhumka.rulbsl@gmail.com 9862180983/9862180983
11 Harinagara Branch Satendra Prasad Mehta Branch Manager harinagaraa.rulbsl@gmail.com 9842098112
12 Katari Branch Shiv Bahadur Thapa Magar Branch Manager katari.rulbsl@gmail.com 9860958733
13 Satterjhora Branch Jahan Kisku Branch Manager satterjhora,rulbsl@gmail.com 9844600405
14 Rani-Biratnagar Branch Bijay Kumar Yadav Branch Manager biratnagar.rulbsl@gmail.com 021-435212/9862180983
15 Fikkal Branch Bikash Karki Branch Manager fikkal.rulbsl@gmail.com 9860978369
16 Dharan Branch Rakesh Kumar Khawas Branch Manager dharan.rulbsl@gmail.com 9860762950
17 Baigundhura Branch Pancham Kumar RajBanshi Branch Manager baigundhura.rulbsl@gmail.com 9845298804
18 Chaubise Branch Roshil Kumar Khawas Branch Manager chaubise.rulbsl@gmail.com 9800992946

Madhesh Province

1 Bishnupur Branch Bijay Kumar Gupta Branch Manager bishnupur.rulbsl@gmail.com 033-402083/9862545177
2 Barahathawa Branch Umesh Chaudhary Branch Manager barahathawa.rulbsl@gmail.com 046-540251/9845261394
3 Nawalpur Branch Khum Bahadur Khadka Branch Manager nawalpur.rulbsl@gmail.com 046-570354/9866302558
4 Bardibas Branch Hari Bahadur Thapa Branch Manager bardibas.rulbsl@gmail.com 044-550611/9869255291
5 Sakhuwa Mahendranagar Branch Binod Khadka Branch Manager sakhuwamahendranagar.rulbsl@gmail.com 041-540129/9842649725
6 Kalyanpur Branch Dinesh Prasad Kushwaha Branch Manager kalyanpur.rulbsl@gmail.com 031-540135/9845435692
7 Mirchaya Branch Sachida Nand Singh Branch Manager mirchaya.rulbsl@gmail.com 033-550195/9847332069
8 Garuda Branch Nandu Mahato Branch Manager garooda.rulbsl@gmail.com 055-565277/9860199624
9 Kaudena Branch Arbind Kumar Sah Branch Manager kaudena.rulbsl@gmail.com 9866389455
10 Hanumannagar Branch Dasharath Kumar Sah Branch Manager hanumannagar.rulbsl@gmail.com 031-580003/9869010054
11 Birendrabazar Branch Sachidananda Chaudhary Branch Manager birendrabajar.rulbsl@gmail.com 041-427060/9865186457
12 Gaushala Branch Jagar Nath Mahato Branch Manager gaushala.rulbsl@gmail.com 044-556159/9865082714
13 Bayalbs Branch Netra Bahadur Phuyal Branch Manager bayalbas.rulbsl@gmail.com 046-575254/9865043115
14 Gangapipra Branch Omprakash Prasad Sah Branch Manager gangapipra.rulbsl@gmail.com 055-400058/9845260121
15 Sakhuwan Branch Binod Yadav Branch Manager sakhuwann.rulbsl@gmail.com 9842649725
16 Fattepur Branch Binod Khadka Branch Manager fattepur.rulbsl@gmail.com 9844295937
17 Manaharwa Branch Bishnu Prasad Tiwari Branch Manager manharwa.rulbsl@gmail.com 053-620629/9860945928
18 Simara Branch Bijay Kumar Mahato Branch Manager simara.rulbsl@gmail.com 053-520163/9845232834
19 Biruwaguthi Branch Raj Kumar Pulami Branch Manager biruwaguthi.rulbsl@gmail.com 051-692085/9845226006
20 Nijgadh Branch Ramesh Kumar Khatiwada Branch Manager nijgadh.rulbsl@gmail.com 053-540363/9849098366
21 Kolhabi Branch Ramashankar Chaudhary Branch Manager kolhabi.rulbsl@gmail.com 053-410063/9847980647
22 Suwarnapur-Thori Branch Kishun Khan Tharu Branch Manager suwarnapur.rulbsl@gmail.com 053-620463/9845837985
23 Pokhariya Branch Brij Kishor Prasad Branch Manager pokhariya.rulbsl@gmail.com 057-560110/9845494349
24 Birgunj Branch Harindra Prasad Sah Branch Manager birgunj.rulbsl@gmail.com 057-521076/9845226776
25 Parwanipur Branch Suruj Prasad Yadav Branch Manager parwanipur.rulbsl@gmail.com 053-620494/9845060829
26 Kalaiya Branch Sangam Kumar Yadav Branch Manager kalaiya.rulbsl@gmail.com 053-551843/9845225367
27 Bariyarpur Branch Arun Kumar Sharma Branch Manager bariyarpur.rulbsl@gmail.com 053-692617/9845913988
28 Simraungadh Branch Ramesh Sharma Branch Manager simraungadh.rulbsl@gmail.com 9865170517
29 Janakpur Branch Birendra Chaudhary Tharu Branch Manager janakpur.rulbsl@gmail.com 041-590458/9848571136
30 Kopwa Branch Mithilesh Kumar Yadav Branch Manager kopwa.rulbsl@gmail.com 9845002517
31 Bhatauliya Branch Randhir Ray Branch Manager bhatauliya.rulbsl@gmail.com 9864018168
32 katti Branch Ram Kishun Singh Branch Manager katti.rulbsl@gmail.com 9866191970

Bagmati Province

1 Pharping Branch Rabi Bhakta Madi Shrestha Branch Manager pharping.rulbsl@gmail.com 01-4710006/9841403829
2 Syuchatar Branch Binay Tiwari Branch Manager syuchatar.rulbsl@gmail.com 01-5224421/9842140995
3 Manamaiju Branch Harisaran Bhandari Branch Manager manamaiju.rulbsl@gmail.com 01-4359057/9841169919
4 Gokarneshwor Branch Shyam Kumar Shrestha Branch Manager gokarneshwor.rulbsl@gmail.com 01-4911586/9849760629
5 Sindhulimadi Branch Sujit Budhathoki Branch Manager sindhulimadi.rulbsl@gmail.com 047-521235/9866272727
6 Banepa Branch Suman Sakhakarmi Branch Manager banepa.rulbsl@gmail.com 011-660194/9841042439
7 Gothatar Branch Sanjib Dahal Branch Manager gothatar.rulbsl@gmail.com 01-4991462/9849331794
8 Dillibazar Branch Sudeep Keshar Luitel Branch Manager dillibazar.rulbsl@gmail.com 01-4770909/9841460095
9 Bidur Branch Rajan Ghimire Branch Manager bidur.rulbsl@gmail.com 010-561964/9841836212
10 Galchhi Branch Saroj Madi Shrestha Branch Manager galchhi.rulbsl@gmail.com 010-403044/9861990099
11 Hetauda Branch Nawraj Ghimire Branch Manager hetauda.rulbsl@gmail.com 057-524728/9845557784
12 Harnamadi Branch Bikash Thapa Branch Manager harnamadi.rulbsl@gmail.com 057-530442/9845779203
13 Faparbari Branch Anil Raj Bharati Branch Manager faparbari.rulbsl@gmail.com 057-420022/9843834182
14 Bhardev Branch Buddha Bir Thing Branch Manager bhardev.rulbsl@gmail.com 9843096798
15 Khairahani Branch Rambilash Prasad Chaudhary Branch Manager khairhani.rulbsl@gmail.com 056-583214/9845290390
16 Sirutar Branch Shanta Sigdel Branch Manager sirutar.rulbsl@gmail.com 01-5901594/9843034490
17 Gotikhel Branch Bhim Bahadur Syangatan Branch Manager gotikhel.rulbsl@gmail.com 9844957709
18 Bhattedada Branch Dhiraj Pata Magar Branch Manager bhattedada.rulbsl@gmail.com 9844610047
19 Indravati Branch Narayan Bajagain Branch Manager indravati.rulbsl@gmail.com 9845382790
20 Kharidhunga Branch Divyamani Dhungel Branch Manager kharidhunga.rulbsl@gmail.com 9860678229

Gandaki Province

1 Kawasoti Branch Shani Pokharel Branch Manager kawasoti.rulbsl@gmail.com 078-541162/9845903730
2 Aanbukhaireni Branch Ravi Thapa Branch Manager aanbukhaireni.rulbsl@gmail.com 9865186154
3 Purkot Branch Kumar Bhattarai Branch Manager purkot.rulbsl@gmail.com 9845555709
4 Udipur Branch Kamal Mishra Branch Manager udipur.rulbsl@gmail.com 9842986290
5 Suryapal Branch Ashesh Adhikari Branch Manager suryapal.rulbsl@gmail.com 9848905070
6 Chyangli Branch Narayan Lamichhane Branch Manager chyangli.rulbsl@gmail.com 9840001975
7 Kyamin Branch Sandesh Bohara Branch Manager kyamin.rulbsl@gmail.com 9845215265
8 Yunus-Pokhara Branch Krishna Prasad Bhattrai Branch Manager pokhara.rulbsl@gmail.com 9843222312

Lumbini Province

1 Bardaghat Branch Abhinash Sah Kanu Branch Manager bardaghat.rulbsl@gmail.com 078-580845/9845982193
2 Butawal Branch Rishikesh Khatiwada Branch Manager butwal.rulbsl@gmail.com 071-541860/9862244395
3 Omsatiya Branch Manmohan Panihar Branch Manager omsatiya.rulbsl@gmail.com 071-429056/9862545119
4 Taulihawa Branch Dharmendra Panihar Branch Manager taulihawa.rulbsl@gmail.com 076-560668/9865210724
5 Chandrauta Branch Rajesh Chaudhary Branch Manager chandrauta.rulbsl@gmail.com 076-540570/9867679213
6 Ghorahi Branch Sujit Chaudhary Branch Manager ghorahi.rulbsl@gmail.com 082-563552/9861933417
7 Kamdi Branch Nabina Gurung (B.C.) Branch Manager kamdi.rulbsl@gmail.com 9844883083
8 Khajura Branch Nabina Gurung (B.C.) Branch Manager khajura.rulbsl@gmail.com 081-560091/9844883083
9 Bansgadhi Branch Pradip Tharu Branch Manager bansgadhi.rulbsl@gmail.com 084-400188/9868292466
10 Oralibazar Branch Sagar Chaudhary Branch Manager oralibazar.rulbsl@gmail.com 9862544437
11 Masuriya Branch Ishwor Prasad Chaudhary Branch Manager masuriya.rulbsl@gmail.com 082-413034/9841540467
12 Sworgadwari Branch Kunja Raj Joshi Branch Manager sworgadwari.rulbsl@gmail.com 086-400178/9860695641
13 Gadhawa Branch Sandeep Ghimire Branch Manager Gadhawa.rulbsl@gmail.com 9847824038
14 Tulsipur Branch Sujit Chaudhary Branch Manager tulsipur.rulbsl@gmail.com 9861933417

Karnali Province

1 Chhinchu Branch Rajan Lamichhane Branch Manager chhinchu.rulbsl@gmail.com 083-540308/9868030127
2 Kupinde Branch Madan Raj Awasthi Branch Manager kupinde.rulbsl@gmail.com 9848558269

Sudurpachhim Province

1 Lamki Branch Dipesh Budhathoki Branch Manager lamki.rulbsl@gmail.com 091-540569/9864851097
2 Bhajani Branch Sudip Budhathoki Branch Manager bhajani.rulbsl@gmail.com 091-580414/9848740497
3 Daijee Branch Surendra Bahadur Chand Branch Manager daijee.rulbsl@gmail.com 099-403107/9848902028
4 Balmi Branch Suresh Bhatta Branch Manager balmi.rulbsl@gmail.com 9848420703
5 Dhakari Branch Puskar B.C. Branch Manager dhakari.rulbsl@gmail.com 9848740497
6 Dhangadhi Branch Sudip Budhathoki Branch Manager dhangadhi.rulbsl@gmail.com 9848740497